Thursday, March 25, 2010

Now What? Avoiding the Post-Race Blues

You did it.  You trained hard.  You ate right.  You got up every morning in the dark, rain, snow, and cold to run up hills, sprint and get your distance in.  Those 13.1 miles were amazing.  Now what?  There are many post race effects that can put a cramp on your training routine or even put you in danger of injury.  

It’s common for runners to fall into a slight depression after the adrenaline of the big event has worn off.  So much time and energy has been focused into that one goal and there may be a feeling lost and uncertainty.  Runners often stave off this feeling by planning another goal like a 5 or 10k race in the future.  Make sure your new goal is far enough away that you have time to slowly build up your workout.  Otherwise you may increase your risk of injury. You can also link of with running buddies or find new paths to help keep up motivation.

Some runners jump right back into running, hungry for the next feeling of elation; but hard workouts on still-recovering muscles, tendons and joints can set you up for injury and take you completely out of running.  Runners World suggests recovering with short cross training workouts on a bike or running in water for the first few weeks before building into a regular running routine.   For more ideas on post-race recovery and work-outs check out these articles,7120,s6-238-244--8957-3-1X2-3,00.html,7120,s6-238-263--12976-0,00.html

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thanks to Everyone for a Great Canyonlands Half Marathon!!

The 35th Annual Canyonlands Half Marathon was a screaming success!!!  Thank you so much to all the runners, sponsors, volunteers, staff, and supporters who made this event possible.  Congratulations to Evan North of Louisville, Co, three time men’s overall winner with a time of 1:09:45; and Kristen Ogden of Provo, over all women’s winner with a time of 1:20:46.  
After a hail storm greeted participants and complicated the set up of the race, the sun shone brightly and the cool weather kept everyone in great spirits.  Thanks so much to our race sponsors: Clif Bar, Gatorade, Sore No More, The Moab Valley Inn, Moab Adventure Center, and The Eastern Utah Community Credit Union.

This year we had over 5,100 registrants coming into the Expo on Friday.  62% of those runners were from Utah and 25% came from Colorado.  We had people from 47 states, and on Saturday Afternoon nearly 15,000 racers, supporters, and spectators came together to cheer each other on and check out all the great vendors, music, and entertainment at Swanny Park.  Thank you all for making the 2010 Canyonlands Half Marathon safe, fun, and successful.  Time to start getting ready for The Other Half!
For race results, more information on the Canyonlands Half Marathon, the Moab Half Marathon, and our sponsors visit our website at

Happy Racers

Thank you Moab Adventure Center

Ranna and Faye making everything come together

Friday, March 19, 2010

Thanks to Our Sponsor The Moab Valley Inn!

Tonight nearly 5,000 racers will be gearing up to run the Canyonlands Half Marathon in the morning, but before they line up at the finish line many will take advantage of one more chance to carbo-load at the Pasta Dinner sponsored by the Youth Garden Project.  The Pasta Dinner is always held at the Moab Valley Inn, which has been a continuing and valuable sponsor for many years.  Without the help of their event staff and facilities in conjunction with the Youth Garden Project Staff, we could never pull off the Pasta Dinner which serves as a major fundraiser for this environmental education based non-profit.   Many of our runners stay at the Moab Valley Inn before each of our races, and they have always been accommodating with later check out times and extra support for competitors and their families.

The Moab Valley Inn is one of the best places to stay, not only for the race weekend, but for any getaway whether with friends or family.  They have rooms for couples, suites for families, and pet friendly rooms which can be difficult to find.  When it’s hot in the summer, the Moab Valley Inn’s pool is a great place to spend the heat of the day.  Wi-fi is available for those who are taking a working vacation, and the friendly staff is always excited to give you the best adventure, shopping, and dining advice.  Stop by to say hello and thanks or consider the Moab Valley Inn as your base camp the next time you stay in Moab.  Find their Website here.  

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thank You Moab Adventure Center

This Saturday morning racers will be greeted by Moab Adventure Center buses and drivers to whisk them away to the start of the course.  The MAC has been a major sponsor of all our racers by providing not only transportation for our competitors, but also equipment like tables, coolers, and ice.  When the race is finished you can still find all the great race apparel at their store on Main Street.

If you are staying in town for a while or plan to visit Moab again, MAC has a large variety of trips, tours, and activity for any kind of adventure.  You might want to rest your legs with a tour through Arches National Park, or use different muscles with a mountain bike trip.  The MAC can help you plan your vacation with daily activities such as horse back rising, river rafting, hiking, and hot air balloon rides or plan your week with a Moab Vacation Package.  To learn more and say thanks check out their website here

Monday, March 8, 2010

Time to Taper

The Canyonlands Half Marathon is almost here! You’ve logged your miles, increased your distance each week, and now you should be tapering your routine.  Tapering, the decrease of distance and intensity of your training, should begin about two three weeks out and workouts should decrease between 30 and 80%.  This can sometimes be one of the most challenging periods for a runner, but it can increase your time by about 3% which makes a big difference in long distance races.

During the taper the tiny tears your muscles have sustained throughout training will have a chance to heal.  Many runners will worry that this long period of time will decrease their fitness, but in actuality the recovery time will make them stronger and increase performance.  Many experts suggest that workouts should be shorter and a speed workout the week before the race will help you perform at your peak.

Tapering can be difficult for many reasons.  Through the weeks of training runners can be come addicted to their sport, and the easing off can induce psychological consequences such as craving carbs, cramming in extra miles, or phantom pains in joints that had no pain before.  Rest assured that these feelings are normal and that continuing to ease off workouts will help you run your best.  For more information on easing the side effects of a taper check out this article at  Good Luck and keep going.