Friday, April 30, 2010

Registration for The Other Half is now open!

Every April we breath a big sigh of relief that Canyonlands Half Marathon went well...then turn around and dive into preparations for The Other Half. Before registration opens, there are permits to secure, decisions to be made about race shirts, bags, pint glasses, parking. There were a few more things to consider this year, as we've been able to increase the race cap to 2500 people.

We're thankfully at the end of that process (shirts will be long-sleeve tech, men's and women's sizing; parking near the finish has been expanded) and registration is now open. If you enjoyed Canyonlands and want to run a new stretch of River Road; if you've run The Other Half before and know how fun (and sometimes challenging) the course is; or if you've never run a road race here but are interested, check out The Other Half!

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